Important in Mobile Legends: Best Heroes to Fight Martis

Important in Mobile Legends: Best Heroes to Fight Martis

Fighter heroes very important in Mobile Legends, especially in the EXP lane where they protect the front lines. Take damage, and keep the crowds under control during team fights. But Martis, the Ashura King, stands out because he deals damage like a killer and can’t be controlled by a crowd. Today we’re going to talk about three heroes who can help you fight Martis.

Important in Mobile Legends: Freya, the Unyielding Victory

If you need to beat Martis in a one-on-one fight, Freya is the best hero for you. For long battles, she’s strong, and when her ultimate, Valkyrie Descent, is ready, she’s someone to be afraid of. By making defensive items, you can help her stay alive longer. To deal extra damage, start your things with Blade of Despair. After that, use Oracle to shorten the delay and improve your shield. Your plan for the laning phase and how long you think the game will last will affect whether you choose Execute or Vengeance as your battle spell.

Important in Mobile Legends: Phoveus: The Moving Threat

Phoveus is the worst enemy of mobile heroes, and Martis is terrified of him. Demonic Force is his greatest ability. This allows him to teleport, as well as utilize dash and blink abilities to cause damage to enemies. Since Martis relies a lot on speed, this makes Phoveus a strong opponent. It’s hard for Martis to get away because Phoveus’s cooldowns get shorter when a close directional skill is used. It’s best to use Flameshot against Martis because it helps push enemies out of the way and turns on Demonic Force during team fights.

This is Zhask, the strategic mage.

Zhask, the magic hero, stands tall in a one-on-one fight with Martis. What makes him unique is that he can enter Nightmaric Spawn and stay alive even when his health is very low. It’s hard to kill the improved spawn, so Martis had to run away and wait for the skill to end. Even if Martis kills the Nightmare Spawn that has been upgraded, he will still have to fight Zhask. Because Zhask is better at strategy, he is sometimes a better choice than Martis.

Some more choices

If you don’t know much about the above heroes, you could try Balmond in the forest or Edith, a tank hero, in the EXP lane to fight Martis. There is a detailed guide on how to play Edith on ONE Esports that shows you how to beat the Ashura King.

To beat Martis in Mobile Legends, you need to carefully choose your heroes and know what their skills are. These heroes give you a chance to beat the powerful VTBET Ashura King, whether you like the stubborn Freya, the mobile threat Phoveus, or the strategic mage Zhask.